continue - work in progress

12 Mar 2023

Earthy pattern piece created using polygon packing.

continue is a work in progress that originated from being stuck indoors due to the cold last weekend.

Conversations with @wendyyunstudio at the studio space earlier in the week encouraged me to contemplate generative patterns. Generative methods have the potential to produce patterns relatively easily, but I had never created a piece with this as the main goal up until now. I had been interested in exploring circle packing for some time and, after numerous experiments, I delved into the packing of random polygons.

Time became a valuable tool towards the end, as the algorithm produced more intricate details after running for an extended period. There is much that has inspired this piece, but I will reserve that for the final release!

While there are still additional components I plan to incorporate, I am satisfied with its current stage.

p5.js. 1000px x 1000px.

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