Live Coding Performance in Bath

21 Dec 2023

Since the beginning of my creative coding journey, I knew I wanted to engage in live coding, but I never felt properly equipped to transition my work into an improvised space. I always thought I'd have to upskill in another library or language, and I hadn't quite finished exploring p5.js yet! Then, I stumbled across the P5LIVE library, created by Ted Davis, and suddenly, everything I had envisioned became possible using my current setup and skillset.

As part of my mentoring role at the EMERGE residency, I share any work in progress at the end-of-year showcase. This year, my goal was to create a live coding performance that would integrate all the disciplines present at the studio—art, design, performance, and creative media. The underlying themes explored the extent to which we have control over technology and delved into some other personal aspects. It was just me, an algorithm, a TV, and some incredible JavaScript libraries on a mission to entertain and provoke questions.

I am immensely grateful to Niklas Aarre for capturing this footage, and I can't wait for the next stage of this piece (imagine lots of projectors and loud noises). Footage captured Wed 18th October 2023.