19 Jan 2023


I recently taught a C++ module on Games Development - BA (Hons) at Bath Spa University. The experience was incredible, and I particularly enjoyed the conversations I had with my fellow lecturers.

One morning, as I was setting up my slides for class, @crispysmokedweb came in for a quick chat. I had been struggling to find time to use code creatively that week, as I was busy creating lecture material. However, by the end of our chat, I felt completely inspired and determined to begin a new art piece that evening. Dave tends to have that effect on people, and he is actually the person who first inspired me to consider code as a creative medium (thanks Dave!).

Fractals had been on my mind a lot recently. I was in awe of their perfection, but also curious about how they might be made less perfect. As I was teaching C++, I decided to use the language to build this new piece. Two weeks later, "technical_1" was ready to share with the world.

openFrameworks (C++). 2000px x 2000px.

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